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Senior Leadership Team

Carrie Lynch     

Paul Farmer

  Paul Draper

Mrs C Lynch 



 Mr P Farmer

Deputy Headteacher 


Mr P Draper

Business Manager

Paul Dexter            Matt Copping           Peter Gibbon

Mr P Dexter 

Assistant Headteacher



Mr M Copping

Assistant Headteacher

Behaviour and Safety 


Mr P Gibbon

Assistant Headteacher

Teaching and Learning

 Adrian Degge       Andy Barker      David Thomas

Mr A Degge 

Assistant Headteacher

Head of Science


Mr A Barker

Assistant Headteacher

Head of Sixth Form 


Mr D Thomas 

Assistant Headteacher

More Able Students



There are two executive committees with responsibility for the school’s development:

  • the pastoral executive
  • the curriculum executive

There are 14 curriculum areas:

Miss L Miller   Head of Art
Mrs M Acharya    
Mrs J Carlton    
Mrs H McLaughlin    
Miss A Mitchell    
Design & Technology    
Mr B Adams   Head of Design & Technology
Mrs J Cunning   Head of Food and Textiles
Mr C Sykes   Head of Graphics
Miss J Kyriacou   D&T
Mrs L Moon   Head of Drama
Miss K Hinchcliffe    
Mr P Gibbon   Assistant Headteacher: English and T & L
Mr S Bowers    
Mr J Butcher   Head of Inclusion (SENCO)
Mrs E Cooper    
Miss R Corfield    
Miss K Draper    
Mrs K Edwards    
Miss R Goodman    
Miss L Dougal    
Mr D Thomas   Assistant Headteacher: More Able
Mrs C Tucker    
Mr N Riley   Head of Geography
Mr P Chapman    
Mrs J Dawson    
Mr L Norman    
Mrs V Sweeting    
Mr R Pilsworth   Head of History
Miss J Chilcott    
Miss J Lambert    
Mrs L Lewis    
Mrs C Sullivan    
ICT and Business Studies    
Mrs C Kibble   Head of ICT & Business Studies / School ICT
Mr M Bracken   Head of Economics
Mr A Barker   Assistant Headteacher: Head of Sixth Form
Miss E Derbridge    
Mr J Faulkner    
Mr D Hand    
Mr R Magala    
Mr M Lewis   Head of Mathematics
Mr P Dexter   Assistant Headteacher: ARR
Mr P Atkins    
Mr L Barton    
Mrs N Brace    
Mrs K Hrabak    
Mr A Rigglesworth    
Mrs Christine Walls    
Mr S White    
Mrs A Wood    
Miss K Brookes   Head of Media
Mrs S Field    
Modern Foreign Languages    
Mr J Dixon   Head of Modern Foreign Languages
Mrs S Fox   Head of German
Mrs F Coffey    
Mrs C McMillan    
Mrs C Sykes    
Mr N Wilson    
Mrs R Evans   Head of Music
Mr N Bentley    
Physical Education    
Mr P Farmer   Director of Sport/Deputy Headteacher
Mrs J Ferguson   Head of Physical Edcuation
Mr A Russell   Head of Boys PE
Mrs K Davis   Head of Girls PE 
Mrs A Cooper    
Miss L Freeman    
Mr C Huartson    
Mr D Merrett    
Mr R Wiggins    
Religious Studies    
Mr T Johnson   Head of RE
Mr M Copping   Assistant Headteacher: Behaviour & Safety
Mrs S Sargeant    
Mr A Degge   Assistant Headteacher: Head of Science
Mr Van Os   Head of Chemistry
Mrs L Cook   Head of Psychology
Dr T Ghoneim   Head of Physics
Mr R Davis    
Mr K Butcher    
Mr M Ingall    
Miss H Jones    
Dr J Lardge    
Mr R Millar    
Mrs N Millard    
Miss B Moore    
Miss S Overton    
Mrs K Petty   maternity leave
Dr G Pratt    


Resource Base for Hearing Impaired Students    
Mrs S Pierce   Head of RBHIS
Mrs J Campbell   Teacher of the Deaf
Mrs S English    
Mrs R Hastings    
Mrs S Hawkes    
Miss A Hrynkiewicz-Sudnik   maternity leave
Mrs M Farmer    
Mrs J Read    
Miss S Wheeler    
Mrs L Warren   maternity cover
Mrs E Gates    
Miss E Carruthers   maternity cover
Mrs A Burdon   LSA
Miss L Kings   Specialist LSA
Mrs W Richards   LSA
Mrs L Reilly   LSA
Mrs D Taylor   LSA
Learning Support    
Mrs S Jones   LSA Manager
Mrs S Roycroft   LSA Teacher
Mrs L Williams   Senior LSA
Mrs T Britton    
Mr A Davies    
Mrs S Devonish    
Mrs D Messin    
Mr J Sewell    
Miss A Knight    
Mr K Willis    
Mrs K Smith    
Miss S Sharpe    
Student Support    
Mr J Butcher   Head of Inclusion (SENCO)
Mrs C Shepherd    
Mrs J O'Dell    
Mrs J Edwards   Isolation Unit Supervisor
Pastoral Team    
Curriculum:   Mr P Farmer - Deputy Headteacher
Behaviour & Safety:   Mr M Copping - Assistant Headteacher
Head of Year 7:   Mrs F Coffey
Assistant Head of Year 7:   Miss R Corfield
Head of Year 8:   Mrs C Tucker
Assistant Head of Year 8:   Mr D Merritt
Head of Year 9:   Mr R Davis
Assistant Head of Year 9:   Miss B Moore
Head of Year 10:   Mr D Hand
Assistant Head of Year 10:   Miss E Derbridge
Head of Year 11:   Miss K Draper
Assistant Head of Year 11:   Mr S Bowers
Head of Sixth Form:   Mr A Barker
Assistant Head of Sixth Form:   Mrs L Cook
Non Teaching    
Mr P Draper   Business manager
Mrs D Sanders   PA to senior staff
Mrs Y DeFeo   HR Officer
Mrs A Norris   Senior Examinations/Assessment Officer
Mrs S Winter   Assistant Examinations/Assessment Officer
Mrs M Baker   Finance officer
Mrs T Hurley   Finance officer
Mrs S Howell   Finance Assistant
Mrs C Johnson   Administrator & Sixth Form Study Room Supervisor
Mrs C Scott   PR & Marketing Officer
Mrs S McGuire   Receptionist
Mrs H Jeffries   Assistant to heads of years & faculties
Mrs K Sperrin   Administrator/relief receptionist
Mrs M Bradshaw-Pearce   Administrator/Receptionist
Miss A Glassfield   Student administrator/Behaviour for Learning
Mrs J Finch   Student administrator/Behaviour for Learning
Mrs A O’Brien   Student attendance administrator
Mrs J Haigh   Student attendance administrator
Mrs E Enever   Student administrator/ Senior first aid officer
Mrs L Scott   Student Administrator
Mrs A Hermitage   Student Administrator
Mrs P Bonner   Clerk to the Governors   
Mrs C Hawkings   Senior librarian
Mrs A Mortier    
Mrs D Harris    
Classroom Managers    
Mr P Chapman    
Mr R Chesher    
Ms C Gandham    
Mrs J Sutton    
Science Technicians    
Mrs A Wisbey   Senior Technician
Mrs G Bennett    
Mr S Metson    
Ms C Reed    
Miss N Matthams    
Design Technology Technicians    
Mr D Blake   Workshop Technician
Mr K Winford   Electronics Technician
Art Technician    
Mrs H Johnson    
Food Technology Technician    
Mrs K Wicker    
School Kitchen    
Mrs W Perry   Catering Manager
Mrs J Williams   Catering Supervisor
Miss P Eady    
Ms L Flatt    
Mrs G Milton    
Mrs S Holder    
Mrs T Howell    
Mrs J Mandell    
Mrs T Radford    
Miss K Schott    
Mrs K Scott    
Mrs M Walton    
Mrs L Wallbank    
Sports College Support    
Mrs Christine Mowle   Sports college administrator/PE Technician
Mr Greg Noach   Sports Coach
Mr Andrew Bruns   Evening sports college supervisor
Mr Kurt Bruns   Evening sports college supervisor
Site Staff    
Mr M Buxton   Site manager
Mr J Cable   Assistant caretaker
Mr A Haines   Assistant caretaker
Mr P Tucker   Cleaning Supervisor
Mrs A Perry   Asst Cleaning Supervisor
Mrs W Davies   Asst Cleaning Supervisor