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Arbor Parent Portal

Arbor is a simple, smart and cloud-based Management Information System, which we have introduced at Great Baddow High School to help us work faster, smarter and more collaboratively with our parents.

You can log into Arbor to see and update your child’s information, get live updates and make payments or bookings on the go!

There is an 'Arbor App' you can download on your phone and a 'Parent Portal' you can access on the internet, through which we can keep you informed about your child’s life at school in a much more accessible way.

The Parent Portal works on Google Chrome (computer or laptop) and you can download the Arbor App from the App Store or Google Play Store on your phone (Android 5.0; iOS 10.0 and upwards). 

Access Arbor: Log in to your School | Arbor 

How to get started 

  1. Wait for your welcome email from us telling you Arbor is ready - you won’t be able to log in before. 
  2. Click the link in your welcome email to set up your password.  
  3. Go to the App or Google Play Store on your phone and search ‘Arbor’. 
  4. Click ‘Install’ on Android or ‘Get’ on iPhone then open the App.  
  5. Enter your email, select the school, then enter your password.  
  6. Accept the Terms & Conditions and enter your child’s birthday. 

Need Help Using Arbor? 

Some tips to try: 

Arbor Help Centre: Commonly Asked Questions 

A quick introduction to Arbor for guardians and parents – Arbor Help Centre  

Payment accounts and topping up the meal account on the Parent Portal or Arbor App – Arbor Help Centre  

Purchasing School Shop items on the Parent Portal or Arbor App – Arbor Help Centre  

How can parents sign up for the Parent Portal if they have a child at more than one school using Arbor? – Arbor Help Centre