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Great Baddow High School: a happy, safe and successful 11-18 school of which we are very proud. Whether you are a prospective parent or considering applying for a job, I hope that you will find the information on this website helpful and enjoy watching our 'Welcome to Great Baddow High School' video...
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Headteachers Commendation: Freya 8A2
14th Jan 2021
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Headteachers Commendation: Freya 8A2

We are always pleased when we hear about some of the amazing things our students do outside of school and it was fantastic to receive an email from a volunteer at the Maldon Vaccination Clinic about Freya in Year 8 who has been helping her mum at work. "I am writing to let you know about one of your lovely pupils that I met yesterday. I am working as a volunteer at the Maldon vaccination clinic and Freya and her older brother had decided to come and help. I had a chat with her about school and she was very positive and working hard on her online lessons and then during this weekend she was helping as a volunteer. She was confident, kind and caring towards patients. I thought it was important to let you know that not only is she credit to her own family, she is also a credit to her school family."   Mr Farmer awarded Freya with a Headteachers Commendation for her services to the community and for her willingness to help others during this difficult time. Well done Freya. "Freya has gone out of her way to make sure the vulnerable over 80’s have been greeted with a smile, clear instructions on the process to follow too ensure they are kept safe whilst receiving their vaccine and teaching others the computer booking in system. She has even been making phone calls to patients booking them in for their appointments with some very detailed questioning beforehand. My eldest son Joel, who was also a GBHS student, returned from university in June and he has also be working over twelve hour shifts to ensure maximum vaccine uptake. " Parent Quote
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