Three students with mr farmer 2023

Student Leadership Programme

What is the Student Leadership Programme?

The Student Leadership programme offers students the opportunity to undertake different key roles and have their say in the smooth running of the school.

It includes the following:

  • School Council Representatives
  • House Captains
  • Prefects
  • Ambassadors (Sixth Form)

Every half term the School Council Representatives meet with their Assistant Head of Year and the House Captains meet with their Head of House. They discuss current affairs in the school, provide feedback and make suggestions for improvements. The Ambassadors support the chairing and minute taking of these meetings.

Two lead representatives from each meeting, the Prefects and the Ambassadors then attend the Student Leadership Conference. This enables all the ideas to be brought together, discussed further with key staff to be passed to the Senior Leadership Team and Governors for possible action.

Aims of Student Leadership

The aim of Student Leadership is to encourage students to be use their voice and be active citizens in the school community. We do this by giving them responsibility and support them in developing their confidence by sharing their ideas at the half-termly meetings.

As a school community we highly value the opinions of the student body and are always delighted to hear their thoughts and ideas.

How do students take part?

School Council and House Captains

In the first term of each year, students are given the opportunity to apply to be a school council representative or house captain by filling in the application form.

The applications are collated and then a ballot is held in tutor time to select their chosen reps by seeing their reasons and not their names initially.


Year 10 students are asked to apply for the position of Prefect towards the end of Year 10. These are selected by the Head of Year.


Year 13 students are asked to apply for the position of Ambassador towards the end of Year 12. These are selected by the Head of Sixth Form.

Successful Accomplishments

The Student Leadership Team have had many accomplishments to date.

These include:

  • Canopy area outside the Diner.
  • More outdoor seating.
  • Eco-friendly packaging in the Diner.
  • New water fountain pumps have been ordered.
  • New locks in toilets.
  • More hooks in changing rooms.
  • Staff on duty wearing high-vis jackets.
  • Second hand uniform shop.