Two sixth form students in science 2023

Science Specialism

Science as a second specialism for the school celebrates students’ success in this area and aims to promote excellent opportunities for young scientists both in and outside the classroom.

Science is part of the core national curriculum and over the last few years, Great Baddow High School have achieved exam results in the sciences over and above the national average

The sciences are popular subjects at Great Baddow High school.

We are fortunate to have an excellent team of teachers supported by experienced lab technicians.  All the expertise of our teaching staff is also used to support local primary schools. Primary schools are also invited to attend enrichment activities at GBHS (e.g. Forensic science workshop)

We are also proud that one of our physics teachers, Dr Ghoneim, has been recruited by the institute of Physics to support the development of physics teaching in our locality.

We have 11 teaching laboratories, several of which have been recently refurbished. Every pupil has access to a rich programme of enrichment including clubs such as the Lego club and opportunities to participate in science week activities, trips and visits.

Teachers are always ready to provide information, advice and guidance so that pupils can progress further onto university courses such as Medicine.

Following A Levels many of our students choose science-based courses at university and Great Baddow High School promotes many vocational and enrichment opportunities, including STEM projects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) to enrich learning experiences. 

Destinations for some of our students include:

Chemistry - Durham University,

Biomedical Engineering - Kings College London,

Medical Biochemistry - Royal Holloway London,

Forensic Psychology - Kingston University

Zoology - Nottingham University.

STEM Activities

STEM projects (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) are all run on a regular basis where students work with members of a large multi-national or local organisation over a period of time to produce a project. This culminates at certain points in British Science Association Crest Awards at a variety of levels.

Through a cross curricular approach, students are allowed to apply the domains of STEM in the classroom and then transfer this learning into real world contexts.

Working closely with large multinational companies such as BAE Systems, Ford, and Teledyne and maximising opportunities to get involved with national events such as competitions, challenges, presentations, lectures, trips and visits, Great Baddow High School are looking to develop the scientists of the future. 


Sixth Form Physics students volunteer at the annual PhysicsFest event in the Autumn, organised by the Institute of Physics. 

British Science Week 

The school celebrates British Science Week each year with a number of different activities.  

The activities include: 

Inter-house poetry competitions, poster competitions and quizzes (STEM).   

Author visit in the library for students and local Primary schools. 

Dissections, demonstrations and experiments.

World Space Week 

Great Baddow High School looks forward to the annual World Space Week with a variety of activities. Activities have included model building, stories and space themed posters, visitors and planetariums.

A Level visit to the radiotherapy department at UCLH in London 

At the end of January our A Level physicists visit the radiotherapy department at UCLH in London. The trip gives them the opportunity to learn more about medical uses of physics, giving them a better understanding of the topic and hopefully inspiring some to choose careers in that area. 

Anglia Ruskin University Event 

We work closely with Anglia Ruskin University to provide students throughout the age ranges a variety of opportunities to experience cutting edge STEM activities, including hands on sessions, lectures and research.

In February, all Sixth Form students interested in careers in health care or social care attend an event jointly run by Anglia Ruskin University and Essex Employment and Skills Board. They learn more about the type of careers available and have a chance to network, hopefully providing inspiration and opportunities for the future. 

Great Baddow High School is continually looking for opportunities to enhance the super-curricular experience for our students by collaborating with higher education providers.

UKAYRoC build a rocket competition. 

Students often enter the competition to design, build and test a rocket to see how high it can go! Students work closely as a team alongside external mentors/experts to gain vital insight. GBHS have experienced a lot of success in this competition in the past. 

Bridge Building Competition. 

Another competition in which we have experienced success in the past, a group design and build a bridge with limited resources, the aim being to use their physics and engineering knowledge to make the bridge as strong as possible. 

Under-representation of Women in STEM. 

It is Great Baddow High School’s mission to improve the under-representation of women in STEM subjects and careers for our students.

We actively encourage female students to engage and explore the world of STEM and utilise the role models we have within the teaching faculties to support this. A targeted approach during KS3 ensures that students have positive experiences across the myriad of STEM activities in and out of curriculum.

We celebrate both the United Nations International Women in Science day, and the United Nations International Women in Engineering day with a range of activities, experiences and events.