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It is our aim that students should develop a sense of pride in their work, behaviour and dress. Therefore, a high standard of personal appearance is expected of all students:

  • All students are expected to come to school wearing the correct uniform at all times.
  • Unless specified, uniform must also be worn for educational visits, regardless of the time of day. Students are also expected to wear uniform when returning to school for evening events, such as curriculum information evenings, options evenings, etc.
  • Students who come to school inappropriately dressed will be dealt with according to the school’s Uniform and Behaviour for Learning policies as set by the Governing Body.
  • The school’s uniform policy and a uniform list are issued to all new students.
  • An option to buy 'Pre-Loved' uniform is available. Further details can be found here.

All students carry a Responsibilities and Expectations Card. If the uniform or PE kit is incorrect, a member of staff will mark the card. Six marks for any reason or a missing card will result in an after school detention.

School Uniform (Years 7-11)

Please refer to our School Uniform Policy for full details.

Blazer *

Black with school badge


Black, plain, smart, tailored (no denim or leggings)


White, no logos, in a style that allows a tie to be worn (the top button must be fastened)

School tie *

Standard tie


Black or white (no longer than knee length)


Smart formal black shoes (backless, high heels, boots, trainer styles or canvas shoes are not permitted)


Plain, flesh-coloured or black no patterns

Skirt *

All skirts should be worn at least an inch below the bottom of the knee.

Optional Uniform  


Black, v-neck with school crest. No hoodies or round neck jumpers.




If it has to be worn, is limited to one small plain ring and a maximum of one small plain gold or silver stud earring per ear lobe. These must be removed or covered for PE lessons No other jewellery or piercings (including facial piercings, tongue studs or bars) are permitted. Jewellery items which break the school rules will be confiscated until the end of the half term.

Make up

Girls in Years 7 to 9 should not wear make-up and in Years 10-11 it should be discreet.  Nail varnish or false nails must not be worn to school.  Fake eyelashes (strip or extensions) are not allowed.


No extreme styles or fashion colours.

  All uniform should be clearly marked with student’s name.

Games and PE Kit

Required PE Kit
Sports College black shorts *
Sports College black skirt/shorts * (Girls Only)
Sports College white polo shirt *
Sports College rugby shirt * (Boys Only)
White ankle socks
Plain black swimming trunks/swimming costume (one piece)
Plain black football socks
Football boots
Shin pads / mouth guard


Optional PE Kit 
Plain black tracksuit bottoms
plain black sports leggings
Quarter zip top*
Quarter zip mid-layer *
Plain white long-sleeved thermal top
Swimming hat (£2 from the PE office)
Swimming goggles
Sports College bag *
All items should be clearly marked with the student’s name and tutor group.
PE kit should be stored in lockers except when needed. If taken to other lessons, it is the student’s responsibility to look after it.

* Where marked - the specific Great Baddow High School branded item is required which can be obtained from Schoolwear Plus or parents can consider using our pre-loved uniform shop as many items can be purchased from here: Great Baddow High School Pre-Loved Uniform Shop

To purchase new school-branded uniform contact Schoolwear Plus:
Unit 1, The Bringy Centre,
Church Street,
Great Baddow,
Essex, CM2 7JW

T: 01245 491170



Additional Information

All hair longer than collar length must be tied back for health and safety reasons in the appropriate lessons, e.g.: science, design & technology and PE.

For Science/Design and Technology/Food Technology activities, aprons and goggles must be worn and are provided by the school.

Grip socks are required to use for drama lessons in the drama studio.

We advise parents to purchase shin pads and mouth guards for both boys and girls. For safety reasons students who do not wear shin pads will not be able to take part in certain activities.

We appreciate that footwear can be an issue, particularly in bad weather.  We would recommend that in wet or extremely cold weather students wear suitable footwear and change into their school shoes immediately on arrival. Their outdoor shoes can then be stored in their lockers until the end of the day.

To assist us in maintaining a safe and secure environment for our students, all students must always carry their Security/Diner Card.

All students MUST carry a Responsibilities and Expectations Card and their Security/Diner Card at ALL TIMES. Lost/stollen/damaged cards should be reported and replaced. Fees may be charged in line with school Charging Policy.

Students must always have three pens (two black/blue and one green) and a pencil.  Students are also required to have a scientific calculator.

Sixth Form Dress Code

We adopt a policy of smart – non uniform dress code. Students are expected to be proud of their appearance and ensure that they remain a role model to students lower down in the school.

Students can wear smart trousers, smart jeans (no rips/frays) or skirts (no miniskirts). Leggings are not permitted as part of the uniform. Students can wear smart, tailored knee length shorts.

Students can wear smart shirts/blouses, polo shirts and jumpers. Round necked t-shirts and tight-fitting vest tops or tight-fitting dresses are not allowed. Tops should not be revealing. If a sweatshirt style jumper is worn, then there must be a collared shirt or polo shirt underneath this.

Hoodies and tracksuit bottoms are not allowed.

Footwear needs to be appropriate for a school environment and therefore flip-flops are not permitted.

Facial piercings are not permitted and only an ear piercing is acceptable. Tattoos are not allowed in school and if a student has had a tattoo, then it must always be covered.

Please note that if students are not wearing appropriate attire, they will be sent home to change. Parents will be contacted and either alternative clothes will need to be brought to school for students to wear, or we will send them home to change and then return to school.


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