Sixth form cafe 2023

The Future


Each year we encourage students to really consider what they want to do. This all starts with the careful consideration of their options to ensure that all career pathways are open to students as far as possible. Form tutors in our school play a vital role in helping students chose their options as well as the interviews with the sixth form team. 

There is a number of pathways that students can take following their Key stage 5 studies. Students generally follow one of three pathways: 



Gaining employment. 

We consider all of these options equally important as different careers can be accessed in different ways. 


Each year normally about two thirds of our students apply via UCAS for British Universities. We have students applying for Cambridge, Oxford as well as a large range of the Russell Group universities. The range of courses on offer to students is wide and diverse and we offer a large programme to support students to find the right course for them. We also take part in the UCAS convention at Essex University in the summer term of Year 12. Students applying for careers such as medicine, dentistry or veterinary science are supported in additional tests that they might need. We work hard to ensure that pupils fulfil their potential so that the grades they achieve they are proud of for life. 


This expanding option is an exciting opportunity if you are trying to access a number of industries. We are fortunate in our location in our close proximity to the City of Chelmsford and London, that many prominent businesses offer apprenticeships. We hold a Futures Day and work with students that are not applying to university to gain knowledge on how to apply as well as support with CVs or interviews . 


Similar to our apprenticeship support, students will take part in our Futures Day and gain the understanding of modern approaches to interviews via concepts such as video or online methods. We are also fortunate to have Deborah Anderson, an Independent Career Advisor, who is in our Sixth Form two days a week to provide advice and support. 


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