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Important Information

Are you in Year 7 or 8?

Are you interested in Science, Art or both?

As part of the many activities being planned during the launch week for our Specialist Science College, you are invited to come to 'The Art of Science Show' on Wednesday 22nd October in Primmer Hall from 7.00 - 8.00 p.m.

Delivered by Dr. Jasmine Pradissitto, ProEducation - There will be a stunning demonstration with lasers, rainbows, bubbles, historical references and illusions from artists throughout the ages. It will be a thinking and visual feast of the beauty of science through art.

Tickets now available from reception.


Latest News

Gifted & Talented Sports Scheme 2014

The GBHS Gifted and Talented practical assesment day took place on Saturday 11th October. It was a succesful day and demonstrated the sporting strength  of pupils in the area and we hope to see many of these join us next September.

U17 County Cricket Champions 2014

U17’s this year had a lot of expectation on their shoulders having been successful throughout their time at GBHS.


Almost 10% improvement in GCSE Exam Results

As students collect their GCSE results today we are delighted to announce an almost 10% improvement on last year’s results.

In last year’s ‘top achievers category’ the girls beat the boys but this year we’re pleased to see the gender split is almost even with individual results including a large number of A* and A grades.

Well done to all our students and we wish them every success as they progress on to our Sixth Form at GBHS or College.