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The sciences are popular A Level subjects with many students choosing science-based courses at university and Great Baddow High School promote many vocational and enrichment opportunities, including STEM projects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) to enrich learning experiences.

Working closely with large multinational companies such as Ford, Bertrandt and BAE Systems and maximising opportunities to get involved with national events such as The UK Aerospace Youth Rocketry Challenge and the Big Bang Young Scientists and Engineering Fair, Great Baddow High School are looking to develop the scientists of the future.

STEM projects (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) are all run on a regular basis where students work with members of a large multi-national or local organisation over a period of time to produce a project.  


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British Science week 2017British Science Week

The school plans activities to celebrate British Science Week, activities in 2017 included:

  • Inter-house bridge building competition after school (STEM).  
  • Alchemy! Making silver and gold (after school activity).  
  • Author visit in the library (John Townsend).
  • Trip to the Big Bang Fair.
  • Making slime (after school activity).


World Space Week Assemblies

To celebrate World Space Week, Mr Butcher ran assemblies for all year groups to promote and celebrate World Space Week. The topic of the assemblies was ‘Life on other planets’. Students were amazed by the realisation of just how relatively small our solar system is within the Universe, and the potential for finding life elsewhere was a particularly exciting prospect. These assemblies linked in with the cross-curricular creative writing competition run by Mr Butcher, the Science Specialism coordinator, and Miss Orchard from the English department. Students wrote short stories based on ‘space’, using school library resources to ensure they include correct scientific information.


In December our 6th form Physics students volunteer at Physics Fest.

A Level visit to the radiotherapy department at UCLH in London

At the end of January our A-Level physicists visit the radiotherapy department at UCLH in London. This trip will give them an opportunity to learn more about medical uses of physics, giving them a better understanding of the topic and hopefully inspiring some to choose careers in that area.

Anglia Ruskin University Event

In February, all 6th form students interested in careers in health care or social care attend an event jointly run by Anglia Ruskin University and Essex Employment and Skills Board. They will learn more about the type of careers available and have a chance to network, hopefully providing inspiration and opportunities for the future.

Bloodhound rocket car challenge.

Design, build, test and race a model car (last year’s entry reached 150mph!).

Colchester Zoo engineering project.

Colchester ZooA group was tasked with designing a shower and feeding facility for the elephants at Colchester Zoo. At the end of the project the school with the best design have it made and installed at the zoo.

Read the latest update.


UKAYRoC build a rocket competition.

Students design, build and test a rocket to see how high it can go! GBHS have experienced a lot of success in this competition in the past.

Bridge building competition.

Another competition in which we have experienced success in the past, a group design and build a bridge with limited resources, the aim being to use their physics and engineering knowledge to make the bridge as strong as possible.