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Our school is hard working and friendly. In order to achieve this environment, we believe very strongly in having good, sound policies in place so that teachers, students and parents know exactly what is expected of them.

This section covers:

  • British Values
  • Behaviour
  • School Sanctions
  • Absence & Holidays
  • Governing Body Policy Statement on Curriculum
  • LA (Local Authority) Curriculum Statement
  • Complaints Procedure
  • Work Related Learning
  • Freedom of Information

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British Values

Democracy: Respect for democracy and participation in the democratic process.

The Rule of Law: Respect for the basis on which the law is made and applies in England.

Individual Liberty: Support and respect for the liberties of all within the law.

Mutual Respect and Tolerance: Respect for and tolerance of different faiths, religions and beliefs.


At Great Baddow High School we aim to ensure that the breadth and balance of the school’s curriculum prepares students for life in modern Britain by promoting British Values.

  • Great Baddow High School understands the importance of promoting British values through a comprehensive and unprejudiced curriculum.
  • The Headteacher ensures that all staff are aware of the requirement to uphold British values and ensures that the appropriate procedures are in place to carry out these methods.
  • Teachers and support staff ensure that their lessons are inclusive of, and sensitive to, the fundamental British values.
  • Pupils are expected to treat each other and staff with respect, in line with the school’s Aims and Ethos and Behaviour Policy.

Behaviour for Learning

We believe that high standards of behaviour are important for successful learning, for our school to run smoothly and safely and for the benefit of all members of the school community. All students must recognise that they make a choice in relation to their behaviour. The choice they make determines the consequence that follows. There are positive consequences (Rewards) and negative consequences (Sanctions).

We have a fair and consistent system which identifies clear boundaries and expectations. Students’ progress and welfare and our good reputation hinge on maintaining the rules of the school and we expect our students to abide by them and for parents to support us in our endeavours in this. Our school rules require the following from students:

  • To arrive punctually for the morning and afternoon sessions and to attend all lessons on time.
  • To attend wearing full school uniform and follow rules relating to jewellery and makeup.
  • To leave at home any item that might be a danger or hindrance to self or fellow students. Large sums of money or valuable items, if they must be brought to school, should be left with the school office for safekeeping. Forbidden items brought to school will normally be confiscated for a prescribed period and dangerous items, e.g. cigarettes and matches, will not be returned to students but to parents, if they so request; any item which breaks the law will not be returned.
  • To control their language and adopt the highest standards of courtesy.
  • To eat all food within the dining room or prescribed area and to dispose of litter in the bins.
  • To attend all lessons with the necessary books, pens, pencils, clothing and other equipment, taking proper care of these.
  • To remain on the school site throughout the school day. (Any authorised departure from the site, which has been properly requested and approved by a member of staff, must be recorded in the “signing-out” book held in the school admin office. Year 7 students must be collected from reception by an adult when leaving for appointments or sent home ill).
  • To complete and present all homework as required.
  • To observe the highest standards of behaviour during the journey to and from school - in the case of cyclists, observe the Highway Code and dismount on the school site.
  • Drinking water is permitted in the classroom, once permission has been granted by a member of staff (apart from science labs and near computers). This should be brought to the lesson at the start.
  • Mobile phones and all electronic devices must be switched off and kept out of sight during lessons. They will be confiscated if they are seen, heard or disrupt the lesson in any way and a C3 after school detention issued. They should not be used to contact parents if the student is unwell or unhappy; such contact should be made via the appropriate member of staff.
  • Earphones must not be worn when students are in lessons, unless instructed to do so by a member of staff. These should be out of sight during lessons.
  • To maintain the highest respect for all people and property at all times.
  • To carry their Responsibilities and Expectations Card with them at all times and to place these on their desk at the start of each lesson.
  • To respect the authority of staff and to follow instructions from staff the first time of asking.

The Responsibilities and Expectations Card rewards or sanctions students with regard to uniform (including PE kit), not having correct equipment, lateness to lessons, general conduct, etc. 6 ‘strikes’ on the Expectations Card = C3. 


Students will be rewarded by a combination of the following:

  • Credits leading to: postcards, letters, badges, vouchers, ‘queue jump’ passes as certain credit milestones are passed.
  • Tutor group rewards e.g. days out of uniform and pizza parties for collective tutor group achievements such as high total credits and excellent group attendance.
  • Headteacher commendations for exceptional work.
  • Faculty/department rewards for progress.
  • Year group awards for attendance, good behaviour and credits gained.
  • Rewards achieved through having clear Responsibilities and Expectations Cards.
  • Academic awards for attainment and progress.

School Sanctions


Where a verbal reprimand proves insufficient, misconduct may be dealt with in a number of ways, including:

  • a further verbal reprimand;
  • an imposition to be completed at home;
  • some form of service to the school;
  • detention of one hour's duration or a series of detentions (parents will be notified in writing twenty-four hours before the detention is due to take place);
  • a letter home with a request for an interview.

Very serious cases of misconduct are dealt with by the headteacher and the deputy headteachers. In rare cases, parents may be required to keep their child at home for a specified period. The help of external supporting services, including governors, may be sought. In such cases, a meeting with parents will be arranged.

When they are late, students must sign-in at the student admin office. Students without a parental note explaining the lateness will be given a 30-minute detention (this is increased to one hour when the student fails to sign-in).

Absence, Lateness and Holidays

In the event of your child being absent from school, please telephone the school before 08.45 and leave a message on our dedicated answerphone for student absences. The school number is 01245 265821 option 1(or option 2 for 6th Form absence) this is a 24-hour voicemail service. We request a call for each day of absence so we are sure your child is not to be expected in school and the ongoing reason(s) for absence. On your child's return to school please provide them with a written note detailing their absence.

Punctuality: All students should be on the school premises by 08:40 to commence school at 08:45, Students who are late may be issued with a 30-minute after school detention, in addition to missing vital information at the start of the school day which is given out both in tutor and assembly. Student's who do arrive late and miss registration must sign in at the student admin office upon their arrival on the school premises.

We greatly value the success of our students and any absence from school can be detrimental to their learning. The school will therefore not approve term time absence unless the circumstances are considered exceptional. There is no statutory right to leave during term time and the school reserves the right to refer unauthorised absence to the Local Authority who may issue a penalty notice. All applications will be referred to the Head teacher and we ask that parents complete a leave of absence request form in good time to enable a clear response to be given.

Medical Treatment and First Aid

The school has qualified first aid staff. Please be aware that our staff can deal only with first-aid and illnesses that may occur while your child is in school. Please do not send your child to school if he or she is unwell. In the case of sickness/diarrhoea your child should stay home from school for a minimum of 48 hours to avoid the spread of infection.

Any medicines to be administered should be given to the student admin staff for safekeeping and to be dispensed to them at the appropriate time. All medication must be in its original packaging and be accompanied by a signed letter from the parent indicating the correct dosage and frequency of the dose. It is your child's responsibility to ensure they take their medication.

Asthma sufferers/Diabetics/Epipen Dependants: Please ensure that your child carries their necessary inhaler/Epipen/emergency box with them and that a spare has been left in student administration for safekeeping.

Lunchtime Arrangements

A cafeteria lunch system operates, where pupils can choose from a variety of options. Each item is individually priced and students pay for what they have chosen. Students who bring packed lunches use the Primmer dining hall facilities. We expect all students to stay on the campus at lunchtime, whenever possible, unless parents make a written request to the Assistant Headteacher.


Regular fire practice drills are carried out and students are required to know and obey the instructions displayed in all rooms.


Great Baddow High School is committed to taking concerns seriously, at the earliest Stage, in the hope of keeping formal complaints to a minimum and without needing formal procedures. However, depending on the nature of the complaint, it may be necessary to follow the school’s formal complaints procedure. For the school to be able to investigate a complaint, it needs to be made within one year of the incident occurring.
The prime aim of Great Baddow High School’s policy is to resolve the complaint as fairly and speedily as possible. Formal complaints will be dealt with in a sensitive, impartial and confidential manner.

Download the complaints policy for further information. 

Freedom of Information and Publication Scheme

If you would like further information regarding the school's Freedom of Information and Publication Scheme, please contact Mr Paul Draper, Business Manager at the school and he will be pleased to help you.

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