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Introduction from the Chair of Governors

Small photo Andy OadesGovernors' are responsible for making sure that Great Baddow High School provides the highest possible standard of education for its pupils, with a very clear focus on raising standards of achievement. We do this together with the Headteacher, who is responsible for the day-to-day management of the school. The governors believe that a successful school requires good leadership and the commitment and cooperation of the pupils, the parents and the teaching staff all working together to get the best out of each pupil’s time at Great Baddow High School.

The governors are made up from representatives of the parents, staff and local community. We are fortunate here at Great Baddow High School to have an energetic, capable and committed group. We work together as a team, setting the school’s aims and agreeing its policies, which are designed to promote the most effective ways of teaching and learning.

When we meet to discuss the school’s budget, staffing, pupils’ welfare or building developments on the site, we always consider what impact our decisions will have towards improving the pupils’ learning. We plan the future direction of the school; make sure the National Curriculum is taught; decide how best the school can encourage pupils’ cultural, moral and spiritual development and make sure that we provide for all our pupils. We work closely not only with the Headteacher but all members of the Leadership team and we are able to ask relevant questions, challenge recommendations where appropriate, and offer support when needed.

To help us make the best possible decisions in our meetings we involve ourselves as much as possible in school life. We do this in a variety of ways, including linking each governor with a curriculum team, visiting the school, helping to make staff appointments, meeting with the student council, attending school events and accompanying school trips. This not only makes us better informed, but it is also very rewarding and enjoyable.

The Ofsted definition of an Outstanding Governing Body is:

'Governors make a highly significant contribution to the work and direction of the school. They have high levels of insight, are extremely well organised and thorough in their approach. They are vigorous in ensuring that all pupils and staff are safe. In discharging their statutory responsibilities, they have highly robust systems for evaluating the effectiveness of their implementation, keeping the work of the school under review and acting upon their findings. Governors are innovative, flexible and adapt to new ideas quickly, supporting the work of the staff in improving outcomes for all pupils. They are confident in providing high levels of professional challenge to hold the school to account. Governors engage very effectively with parents, pupils and the staff as a whole and are well informed about users’ views of the school. They use these views to inform strategic priorities for development'.

Takes some doing, but we try!

Are you interested in becoming a Governor?

Governors do not need to have any special skills or qualifications and the Local Authority provides the necessary training. If you think you might like to become a parent governor you will need to be a parent of a pupil in the school.

We meet once a term as a full body and then individually as members of one or more of the committees which are delegated to look after specific areas of school life. The committees look at specific issues such as the school’s staffing, curriculum, finance, and premises and the Governing Body makes its decisions based on the recommendations of these committees. Governors are asked to serve on a committee where they have an interest or feel they can make a contribution.

Your main task is to attend meetings of the school Governing Body and to serve on one of the Committees. In addition each Governor is assigned to an area of the curriculum (e.g. Science, Maths, English etc) that they visit on a regular basis reporting back to the Governing Body. There is also a time commitment in keeping up to date with the vast amount of literature that will come your way from the school, the local authority and the government.

If you would like to know whether there are any current vacancies please contact the Clerk to Governors.


Andy Oades: Chair of Governors

Andy Oades has been a Governor at Great Baddow High School for the last 4 years and became the Chair of Governors on the 1st December 2015. Previous to taking over this position, he chaired the Finance, Premises and Personnel Committee, a role which he continues to fulfil. He lives in Great Baddow and both his children have attended Great Baddow High School. Andy is a company Director for his own pharmaceutical business and has been in this industry all his working life.


Carol Evans: Vice-Chair of Governors / Responsible Officer

Carol Evans has been a governor at the school over 25 years, joining when her daughter was in Year 8. Originally from the north of England, she has lived in Great Baddow for 30 years and has seen the school develop from one that had falling numbers of students to one that is now oversubscribed. 
Carol works closely with the Chair of the governing body to ensure that administrative tasks are completed, including the structure of the governing body, overseeing the induction of new governors and until recently, the training and development of all governors.  On conversion to an Academy in 2011, she chaired the Personnel Committee until it became part of the Finance and Premises Committee. 

 List of Governors appointed by the Full Governing Body

Governor Office Held

Type of










Relevant Business

/Financial Interests


Mrs Susan Anderson

  Community FP&P, A 18.01.2019 18.01.2023


Mrs Ann Bell


  Community FP&P, C 02.07.2016 02.07.2020

University of East London - Member of Business and Law School Advisory Board.

Chelmsford Cathedral - Electoral Role Officer/Clerk to the AGM/Strategic Volunteering Committee/Volunteer Manager.

Friends of Hylands House - Committee Member.

Mr Julian Butcher   Staff - Teaching C 27.02.2019 27.02.23



Mrs Carol Colledge



Community FP&P 07.10.2018 07.10.22

Governor at St Michael's Junior School.

Spouse is an Associate Governor (Responsible Officer) at St Michael's Junior School.

Mr Peter Delf   Parent Governor C



Employed by Financial Conduct Authority.
Ms Carol Evans

Vice-Chair of Governors

Chair of Audit Committee


Community Pay, H, (FP&P, A Responsible Officer Non-Voting)



(Vice Chair of Governors until 6.10.20)

Family member employed by Essex County Council in the HR Department.

Mr Paul Farmer

Headteacher Ex-Officio FP&P, A, C, Pay   N/A

Spouse is an employee at GBHS. Related to the CEO of Bridge Academy Trust

Ms Catrina Garcea

  Parent Governor C 10.05.2019 10.05.23

Governor at East Hanningfield Primary School.

Company Secretary at Rubberduck Art and Design Ltd.  Spouse is Director of the same company.

Mr Robert Hanson

  Parent Governor FP&P, A



Spouse works for PRA Health Sciences.

Mrs Susan Howell


  Non-teaching Staff Governor  C



Spouse is a Governor at Plume School.

Related to member of catering staff.

Mr John Hull


Chair of Curriculum Committee Community Pay, C 27.03.2018 27.03.2022 Self employed Music tutor at Great Baddow High School.

Mrs Tracey Metson

Vice Chair of Audit Committee Community C 25.03.2019 25.03.2023



Mr Andy Oades

(nominations received to remain as Chair of Governors and to be voted on at next FGB due to school closures' 

Chair of Finance, Premises & Personnel Committee.

Chair of Governors 

Community FP&P, A, H, Pay



(Chair of Governors until 6.10.20)

Director Prulab Pharma.

Spouse is a Director of the same company.

Mrs Michelle Bradshaw-Pearce Clerk to the Governors       N/A Nil

Previous Governors



Mr Jared Hughes


  Parent FP&P, C, A  

Resigned 24.02.16

(Relocation of job)



Mrs Caroline Shepherd


Staff – non-teaching


Term ended 05.03.16



Mrs Wendy Purser

        Resigned 18.11.14  

Mrs Sally Clifford

Chair of Pay Committee

Ex-Chair of Governors (Stood down 30.11.15)

Community FP&P, C, A, H, Pay   Resigned 1.09.16  

Mrs Sue Hollingsworth


Community FP&P, C   Resigned 10.10.16  
Mrs Beatrice Davidson


Vice-Chair of Curriculum Committee

Parent Governor C   Resigned 20.11.17  
Mrs Sally Clifford   Community     Resigned 29.03.18  
Mrs Lisa Alderson

Vice-Chair of Finance Premises and Personnel

Chair of Audit Committee

Parent Governor FP&P, A   Resigned 31.08.18  
Mrs Jenny Beaumont

Vice-Chair of Audit Committee

Vice-Chair of Audit Committee FP&P  

Resigned 28.11.18

Mrs Lorraine Harding   Parent Governor FP&P, A  

Resigned 10.05.19

Mrs Carrie Lynch Headteacher Ex-Officio FP&P, A, C, Pay  

Resigned 31.08.19



Governors are appointed by the Governing Body except Parent Governors who are elected by parents.

Key to Committees: Curriculum (C), Finance, Premises & Personnel (FP&P), Pay, Head Review (H) and Audit (A) 


Great Baddow High School Governing Body Documents

01245 265821
(Mrs M Bradshaw-Pearce, Clerk to the Governors)


Correspondence Address for the Chair of Governors

Mrs M Bradshaw-Pearce, Clerk to the Governors

Great Baddow High School

Duffield Road,





Email: Mrs M Bradshaw-Pearce
(This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)


School Governance

For more information about Governors click on - www.governornet.co.uk - the new school governors' website that has recently gone live and provides up-to-date information on all aspects of school governance and features links to other useful sites.

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