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Great Baddow High School - Accessing the school site.

1. Introduction.

Great Baddow High School is committed to reviewing and revising the physical accessibility of the school annually. Accessibility Audits are undertaken as part of this process in determining and prioritising the needs of the school, pupils, staff and visitors.

The school takes into account the needs of pupils, staff and visitors with physical difficulties and sensory impairments when planning and undertaking improvements and refurbishments of the site and premises.

2. Physical Access

The school site is made up of five (2/3/4 storey) blocks with limited wheelchair access. Only one block (Gordon Hall) has first floor access via a Stannah Chair lift. An emergency evacuation chair is also available on the first floor of Gordon Hall. There is, however, ground floor access to all blocks (Main, Hopkins, Link, Platt, Gordon and the Sports College). The main school hall (Primmer Hall) and Diner (Main Block) are also accessible.

Accessible toilet facilities are available in Main, Platt, Gordon Blocks and the Sports College.

Use of external pathways may be required to access some of the above facilities.

There is currently no direct wheelchair access to reception for visitors. Visitors should contact reception via the intercom at either the entrance gates or at the student entrance at the front of the school to arrange access.

On-site parking includes two dedicated disabled parking bays within the school gates for staff and visitors and one dedicated disabled parking bay outside the school gates for visitors.

3. Fire Evacuation

Pupils and staff with permanent or temporary mobility issues will have a Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan (PEEP) in place and agreed with the school.

4. Review

Accessibility is reviewed annually by the Finance, Premises and Personnel Committee, taking into account:

• The Accessibility Audit Report.

• The school’s policies, procedures and facilities to maximise accessibility to the school by those with additional needs.

• Recommendations to improve accessibility by means of reasonable adjustments and by planning future improvements.

• The implementation of the accessibility plan.

5. Reasonable Adjustments.

In determining what is reasonable the school will have regard to:

• The financial resources available to the school
• The costs of any particular alteration to the premises, staffing arrangements, or special equipment required
• The practicality of making reasonable adjustments
• The extent to which aids and services will be provided via a Statement of Educational Needs/Education, Health and Care Plan, or by provision paid for outside the school’s resources
• Health and Safety requirements
• The interests of other pupils
• The need to maintain academic, musical, sporting or other standards

At all times, Great Baddow High School will take full account 

• specific impairments
• pupil and parental views
• advice from teachers


Accesibility Site Plan

SCHOOL MAP Disabled Access