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Our school motto translates as ‘Always striving for higher things’ which encapsulates our vision for our students and our staff.


  • support students in achieving their academic potential and to develop as well-rounded, confident young people who can make a positive contribution now and in the future;
  • provide outstanding educational experiences and opportunities for success within the classroom, through trips, visits and a wide range of extra-curricular activities;
  • ensure that all students feel happy and safe, knowing that they are supported within a secure, caring learning environment;
  • develop individuals with a life-long understanding of how to keep themselves healthy and safe and to appreciate the benefits of an active lifestyle;
  • promote outstanding personal development opportunities for all students through a rich and varied programme of extra-curricular activities and student leadership;
  • provide leadership at all levels which inspires, motivates, challenges and supports; and
  • share our values and aspirations with parents so that we work together to achieve the best for our students.


We believe that our core purpose is to enable each student to achieve their academic potential so that they can progress to university, further education or training. We also place great value on providing a vast range of opportunities through which students experience success, develop transferable skills and learn to value team-work, creativity, commitment and resilience. We believe strongly in the benefits of extending learning beyond the classroom and support this through a wide range of trips, visits, workshops and other enrichment activities.

Our staff are well trained and our own professional development is important to us. We believe in sharing good practice and evaluating all aspects of our work in order to continue to develop and improve.

“Expectations of pupils are high” Ofsted 2017


None of the above can be achieved without a fair, consistent approach to discipline, mutual respect and an acceptance of the rules and procedures which are designed to maximise the benefits of school life for all members of the school community. In a large school it is necessary for all students, parents and staff to share an understanding that all students are expected to:

  • work hard to achieve their full academic potential in class and through homework;
  • respect others and themselves;
  • attend regularly, except when ill, and be punctual;
  • wear uniform correctly;
  • be properly equipped for all lessons;
  • follow the code of conduct and accept correction without argument;
  • take advantage of the opportunities available to them; and
  • approach any teacher, group tutor or head of year with any concern that they have.

Teachers are expected to:

  • treat the students with the respect they deserve;
  • have high expectations of their students and encourage them to have high expectations of themselves;
  • maintain commitment to their own professional development; and
  • encourage students to participate in the extra-curricular life of the school.