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Year 10 

The Curriculum Organisation

There are 50 periods per fortnight totalling 50 hours.


Year 10 X1-3 X4-6 Y
Maths 8 8 8
English 8 9 9
Science 13 10 10
Values(PD/RE) 0 1 1
IT 0 1 1
PD 0 0 0
PE 3 3 3
OP A (Ebacc) 6 6 6
OP B 6 6 6
OP C 6 6 6
  50 50 50
  9 9 9

Information about each of the different subjects can be found under the individual subject areas of the curriculum.

Students choose 4 (3 for triple scientists) from the following suite of subjects.

Catering GCSE Textiles GCSE RE GCSE
Geography GCSE                French GCSE Resistant Materials GCSE
German GCSE Graphics GCSE Engineering GCSE
History GCSE Business Studies GCSE             Drama GCSE
Sport BTEC Art GCSE Computer Science GCSE     






A booklet giving details of all upper school courses is issued during year nine. Considerable guidance is given to ensure that each student’s selection of subjects provides a sound general education that is relevant to the student’s personal interests, aptitudes and career aspirations. Additionally, at the start of Year 10, all students receive a second booklet giving details of the content, assessment and homework for all Key Stage 4 courses.

For more information please see the copy of the Information Evening Presentation below.

Information Evening Presentation