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Our aims

We strive for all students to achieve their personal best and understand that this subject presents the opportunity for all to produce individual, unique, personal responses to a variety of starting points, using a wide range of materials and techniques.  

Student learn in a calm environment where they are encouraged to share views on their own and others work. They are introduced to a wide range of topics and artists throughout all the key stages that are designed to develop their understanding of different cultures and historical context. 

The courses we run

Key Stage 3

Students have one lesson of Art and Design per week in Years 7, 8 and 9.
Schemes of work introduce students to drawing, painting, mixed media techniques, ceramics, 3D, relief printing and exploring the work of other artists. Throughout the course we build on these techniques and aim to improve skills and understanding to prepare students to undertake further study at Key Stage 4.

Key Stage 4

We offer GCSE at Key Stage 4. Students can opt to take GCSE (5 lessons per fortnight).
In 2018, 73% of GCSE students achieved 9 - 4 grades and 100% 9 - 1.

Key Stage 5

We offer GCE A2 at Key Stage 5. Students receive 9 lessons per fortnight.
In 2018, the A2 students achieved 80% A*-C, and 100% A*-D.

Items of particular interest

We are fortunate to have a large, well equipped department with 5 specialist teachers.  We have excellent facilities including a dark-room, digital cameras, screen-print exposure unit, kiln, potter’s wheels, printing presses and sewing machines.

We make regular visits to Galleries to see both their collections and special exhibitions, these include the Tate Gallery, the National Gallery, the Royal Academy, Saatchi Gallery in London and the Sainsbury Collection in Norwich.

We have an open door policy and students are encouraged to come and work in the department at lunchtimes and after school develop their ideas and skills further.  There is a spectacular annual exhibition to celebrate the achievements of our students in the public examinations in late June.