Summer Work

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16th Jul 2021 Important Announcement

Summer work has been set in English, maths and science for all students in Years 7-9 and all subjects in Year 10. Please see direct communication for more details. 

Please encourage your child to complete this work.

We would also like to share with you a further opportunity related to students’ approach to their studies and providing support for parents.  The school subscribes to GCSEPod which is a website offering short videos (Pods) across the breadth of the curriculum to supplement learning. They also provide study skills support and advice for students and parents.  Some teachers have used GCSEpod already when setting work for students to complete or as a useful revision tool.  It’s not just aimed at the older year groups, all students, if they haven’t already, can sign up by following the link or using the flier with this letter GCSEPod student login.  Students MUST use their school email address when signing up for the first time.

They are also running Summerpod which is a free programme designed to support learning over the summer and hopefully hit the ground running in September.  Students will need to have logged into GCSEPod first before registering for Summerpod.

Summer Work FAQS

Where will I find the work set?

Different subjects will use different platforms to set summer work. Some may have used an electronic platform (such as GCSEPod or MathsWatch) others may have set a paper activity or to create something. All summer work can be found on Show My Homework where staff have detailed the work that they have set. This may not be visible until Monday 19th July for all subjects.

Where should the work be completed?

The information on Show My Homework will include where the work is to be completed (on-line, in exercise books etc) and how it is to be submitted.

How long should the work take?

Obviously this depends upon how focused a student is and how much they need to look up to help them complete the work, but each subject has set approximately 2 hours-worth of work.

How and when will feedback be given?

This depends on the platform the work is set on. Some on-line platforms (such as Maths Watch, GCSE Pod, MS Forms) give instant feedback and track progress. Work that needs to be submitted to the teacher will be marked and fed back on in the new school year.

Can I keep track of the work being completed?

As a parent/guardian you have access to Show My Homework, so as with homework during the school year, you can see what is set and ask you child to see what they have done and how they are progressing.

I thought my child was doing really well this year, and has been in school for every day it has been physically open. Why are they being set catch-up work?

This has been a tough year for everyone and despite staff and students working as hard as they can, distance learning is not as effective as face-to-face learning. All students would benefit from a recap of topics covered this year in readiness to push on and make even greater progress next year. If your child has been identified as requiring catch-up in a subject this may mean that their teacher thinks they would benefit from completing this to enable them to really push on next year.