Students play detective as part of National Careers Week

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16th Jun 2020

National Careers Week is a celebration of careers guidance in education across the United Kingdom to provide careers guidance at an important stage in the academic calendar.

Offering a range of careers activities across the school and curriculum areas, this year Great Baddow High School introduced their first ever “What’s my job?”, careers event as part of their National Careers Week schedule, which aimed to widen the knowledge of Year 7 students about the variety of job roles available and challenge preconceptions as to what their future might hold.

Dressed in plain everyday clothes, mystery visitors were quizzed by students to try and identify what they did for a living. Allowing ten minutes to talk to each visitor, the students asked some very insightful questions as they tried to work out all the jobs, whilst others thought they knew as soon as they saw them. After an hour of questions the students made their final guesses. Some were close and others were spot on, but Dr Entwistle, with her PHD and surprising answers, had everyone scratching their heads, including the teachers!!

“When the mystery visitors all went away and dressed for their jobs and walked into the hall of Year 7s there was quite a few gasps and groans from the students. The mystery guests were revealed as; a circus performer, mental health nurse, bank manager, site agent and a firefighter. After the big reveal, the students then heard how each adult got into their roles and learnt more about their job. The day certainly opened the students’ eyes to a wide range of job roles and challenged quite a few preconceptions and stereotypes.” Mr James Faulkner, Careers Leader

“It was amazing. I learnt lots and I felt like a detective.” Elena, Year 7 student at Great Baddow High School

Aimed at widening students understanding of different jobs roles and challenging stereotypes, the “What’s my job” event lets Year 7 students meet employees from a range of career sectors to find out what their roles involves and the education and training that was required to get there.

“I was a good opportunity to challenge the stereotype of my job, especially being a female in the construction industry.”  Madeleine Bishop, Site Agent - Eurovia Infrastructure Ltd

Photo:– Dr Entwistle (Circus Performer), Mr Kane (Essex Partnership University Trust Senior Community Mental Health Nurse), Mrs White (Santander Bank Manager), Miss Bishop (Site Agent) and a Local Firefighter, joined by Year 7 students Alasdair, Sophie and Lucy.