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GBHS Students use the School Library to… 

  • Nurture a lifelong love of reading. 

  • Develop as effective independent learners and researchers. 

  • Understand how to pose questions and find answers for themselves. 

  • Work, read and participate in activities within a safe environment. 

GBHS Library offers 

A wide range of fiction books for all ages and abilities to promote literacy and create an enthusiasm for reading 

An extensive range of information books, plus computer access to support all areas and levels of the curriculum and stimulate individual interests. 

Newspapers, magazines and journals, both print and online versions, to ensure students can be aware of current issues and thinking.  

 A Sixth Form gallery for private study which has subject-based resources, computers and University and College Prospectuses. 

An outdoor seating area for reading when the weather permits. 

 A dynamic environment in which to develop reading and information gathering skills. 

Clubs and activities to help develop literacy and communications skills as well as meet new people. 

Transferable Skills 

  • Research skills 

  •  Information technology skills 

  • Analysing information 

  • Critical thinking 

  • Creativity 

  • Empathy 

  • Emotional intelligence 

  • Communication 

  • Listening 

  • Expressing ideas 

  • Personal motivation 

  • Time management 

  • Team Work 

  • Ability to plan 

Beyond the Classroom 

  • To encourage a lifelong love of reading the school library holds regular book discussion groups for students and staff. 
  • We hold one-off events promoting books such as book launches for new books, Harry Potter Night, Chapters and Cupcakes and much more.
  • We follow a number of book awards throughout the year.  This year we have followed the Carnegie Medal Award and the Waterstones Children’s Book Award.
  • September 2019 we were awarded Gold Level in the SLA School Library Award 
  • Every year the school takes part in World Book Day, a day aiming to celebrate books through a range of contests or quizzes which we organise.  One of the most popular competitions with the students is the ‘Decorate your tutor door as a book’ competition. 
  • The Leaders Readers and Mathematicians Breakfast Club has been running in the School Library since 2013. LRM allows older student leaders in the school to work with carefully identified younger students on their literacy skills or numeracy skills. LRM has shown consistently, over the time it has run, to significantly increase reading, comprehension and spelling ages of the pupils taking part.

If you would like to find out more about Sports Readers please contact Mrs C Hawkings, Senior Librarian on 

To support curriculum development: 

  • We hold a debating club to encourage students to discuss current issues and topics of interest   A Scrabble League is run to encourage word craft and literacy skills. 
  • We organise author visits giving students the opportunity to listen and talk to successful published authors.  Having question and answer sessions with the authors, and attending workshops led by them, encourages students to read more books and help them with their story writing skills.  Recent authors include Marcus Alexander and Dan Smith and Steve Cole. 
  • We organise visiting speakers to talk to students about topics covered, often these are cross-curricular.  For instance, a forum of representatives from three different faiths for RS/ Rp and a day with an educator from the Holocaust Educational Trust and a survivor from the Holocaust for RS / Rp and History students.  
  • All students have a library induction during English lessons when they are shown the resources available and how to use the library area. 
  • Library lessons during English focus on active reading of fiction books or reading for purpose to support the curriculum.
  • We can assist students with appropriate book choices to ensure that they select reading material which challenges and expands their reading horizons.  
  • We introduce students to Accessit, our library database, during their Computing lessons. 
  • For all key stages, we lead lessons to develop research and independent learning skills. 

Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural Development through the Library 

The School Library is proud to offer a range of Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural experiences through its diverse resources and wide variety of extra-curricular activities.   

Competitions are offered to allow students to develop and showcase their skills, knowledge and experiences through SMSC in the Library.  Students learn to express their opinions and listen to each other at the various clubs organised. 

Pupil librarians develop teamwork, leadership and communication skills though their day-to-day involvement in the library as well as contributing to various other activities such as Chatterbooks, year 6 inductions and promotional events. 

Displays are used to create a positive approach towards issues, eg for anti-bullying week we had a display on developing relationships and how to deal with potential situations and during Mental Health Awareness Week we advertised websites and self-help books which students could access in our library. 

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