The Diner

Lunchtime Arrangements - March 2021

The Diner is open and will be providing a selection of hot food (see Menu below) on a takeaway basis only.

Students can continue to bring a packed lunch.

Students should also bring their own snacks and drinks. The water fountains should not be used. It is therefore vital that you ensure your child brings enough fluid for the day (please consider that on hot days a single bottle may not be enough).

General Lunchtime Arrangements

A cafeteria lunch system operates, where students can choose from a variety of these options.

Each item is individually wrapped and priced and students pay for what they have chosen. Students who bring packed lunches use the Dining Hall facilities. We expect all students to stay on the school site at lunchtime, unless parents make a written request to the Assistant Headteacher.

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The Diner Date  
Diner Menu - September 2020 23rd Sep 2020 Download