Club Timetables

Extra-Curricular Activities - September 2020

We are pleased to be able to offer a phased return of the PE extra-curricular activities starting Monday, 28th September.
We continue to follow our strict guidelines within the school and also our subject specific guidelines for school sport. Year groups will remain in year group bubbles for each of the activities and use specific areas of our facilities. Full details can be found in the letter posted on Edulink.

The club timetable is available below and will be on display in the Sports College for students.

Extra-curricular activities are strongly encouraged at Great Baddow High School.

Concerts and stage productions are regular features of school life and large numbers of students take part in competitive games.

Tuition in a wide range of musical instruments is available. Interested parents are encouraged to contact the Head of Music.

Every opportunity is taken for the school to contribute to the activities of the local community and students are engaged regularly in programmes of community service.

Students are encouraged to participate in field studies, a wide range of curricular enrichment trips and international visits. The school has a longstanding exchange programme with the Eschenbach Grammar School, in Germany. 

Up-to-date club timetables will be provided to students when they become available and will be on display in each department and on our website.


Club Timetables Date  
PE Clubs Timetable - Autumn 2020 25th Sep 2020 Download