Previous Governors

Mr Jared 


  Parent FP&P, C, A

Resigned 24.02.16

(Relocation of job)


Mrs Caroline 


Staff – non-teaching


Term ended 05.03.16


Mrs Wendy Purser

      Resigned 18.11.14

Mrs Sally Clifford

Chair of Pay Committee

Ex-Chair of Governors (Stood down 30.11.15)

Community FP&P, C, A, H, Pay Resigned 1.09.16

Mrs Sue Hollingsworth


Community FP&P, C Resigned 10.10.16
Mrs Beatrice Davidson


Vice-Chair of Curriculum Committee

Parent Governor C Resigned 20.11.17
Mrs Sally Clifford   Community   Resigned 29.03.18
Mrs Lisa Alderson

Vice-Chair of Finance Premises and Personnel

Chair of Audit Committee

Parent Governor FP&P, A Resigned 31.08.18
Mrs Jenny Beaumont

Vice-Chair of Audit Committee

Vice-Chair of Audit Committee FP&P

Resigned 28.11.18

Mrs Lorraine Harding   Parent Governor FP&P, A

Resigned 10.05.19

Mrs Carrie Lynch Headteacher Ex-Officio FP&P, A, C, Pay

Resigned 31.08.19

Mrs Sue Anderson   Community FP&P, A



Governors are appointed by the Governing Body except Parent Governors who are elected by parents.

Key to Committees: Curriculum (C), Finance, Premises & Personnel (FP&P), Pay, Head Review (H) and Audit (A)