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With approaching 250 students, the Sixth Form is a vibrant part of the school where students strive to fulfil their goals.

The Sixth Form seeks to ensure that all pupils have a vision of what they want to achieve; work hard to access higher education or their career pathways and are able to gain a number of enrichment activities. Our Sixth Form, in accordance with the rest of our school are also happy and safe.

Sixth Form Brochure

Sixth Form Course Guide

Academic Study

All students have the opportunity to study three A Levels or the equivalent through our vocational pathways. We have three pathway opportunities open to students. The pathway they can chose will be based on their 'Best 8 score of GCSEs, including Maths and English'. If a student has not passed GCSE Maths or English, they will be required to resit this when they join the sixth form.

Pathway One

57 points or more

Students can take 4 A Levels or can take 3 A Levels and also the EPQ (Extended Project Qualification). Students can also access any of the vocational qualifications.

Pathway Two

38 points or above

Students can take 3 A Levels or any of our vocational qualifications. If students have scored between 38 and 41 points we may recommend a combination of A level and Vocational courses.

Pathway Three

32 points or above

Pupils can only access our vocational courses.

For A Levels, we recommend a minimum of a grade 6 if you have taken a GCSE in that subject. For some subjects, e.g., Chemistry and Physics, a grade 7 is recommended. For Economics, a grade 7 in Maths is desirable. To study Further Mathematics, you will need a grade 8 or 9 in GCSE Mathematics.

We offer an array of opportunities for students to enhance their time at our school. These activities will change on a yearly basis but examples might be Driving schools, Yoga, Basic Sign Language, First Aid or Photography. This helps students to gain more life experiences as well as helping to work towards a sense of well-being. Students can also take part in events to help support either local or national charities.

For more details of our Sixth Form please contact:

Mrs Ferguson ( Head of Sixth Form)

Mrs Hermitage (Sixth Form Administrator):


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